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  1. Indulge In The Stillness Of Perfection Of Venkatagiri Sarees

    Indulge In The Stillness Of Perfection Of Venkatagiri Weaves, Right From Their Inception To Present Day Transformation

    The Venkatagari weaving has begun with the dhotis, angavastrams, and turbans in the early 18th century. Famous as Venkatagiri muslin weaving, the gold zari or colour bands were used for the borders. Importing the fine handspun yarn, the Venkatigiri weavers created magic with their hands in bringing out an eternally exquisite handloom.

    In the beginning, the artisans of Venkatigiri were inspired by jamdani works of Bengal and Chanderi. Eventually, they developed their unique style of jamdani. Typically, a traditional Venkatigiri Saree jamdani motif has a peacock or parrot. And the Venakatagiri Weavers are continuing to create these classical sarees for the women to walk with pride on all occasions.

    The Art of Weaving a Venkatagiri Saree

    Several stages are involved in completing a

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  2. Glistening Gadwal Sarees, The Stunning Sophistication Of The South

    The exquisite Gadwal Sarees with cotton/silk/sico body adorned with blissful silk borders are weaved by the artisans of the historical town, Gadwal, Telangana. Queen Adhilakshmi Devamma of Gadwal Samsthan patronised the art of making these beautiful sarees about 200 years back. The charm and the lightweight of these sarees made them popular across the globe.

    The Impeccably Inscribed Gadwal Sarees

    Woven with interlocked weft borders, a Gadwal Saree is a perfect option to wear for any occasion. The designs and the contrasting borders are quintessentially distinct for these sarees. Besides, the golden zari which is woven along the edge of the borders elevates the richness and grandeur of this saree.

    God’s Own Gadwal Weave

    Woven in yellow,

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  3. How to Identify an Original Banarasi Saree

    Made from exclusive quality silk, Banarasi Sarees are adorning the beauty of women for centuries. The stunning barcode patterns, beautiful zari work, exceptional handwork on the fabric, and classic designs make this conventional six-yard wonder also the most contemporary. The elegance, charm, textures, and eye-pleasing colors are making this traditional attire the first choice of women across the globe.

    To make use of the growing demand for exquisite bridal wear, fake Banarasi Sarees are flooding into the market these days. Unknowingly, the ignorant buyers are falling prey to them due to cheaper prices. Hence, we provide you tips to easily differentiate a fake Banarasi Saree from the original one.

    Tips to Authenticate Original Banarasi Sarees

    Check the Weave: When you visit a store to buy

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  4. Banarasi Saree is So famous, But Why?

    No saree lover in India is not acquainted with the fame of Banarasi Sarees. But what is the very uniqueness that defines Banarasi sarees? Back in 1583, the Zari textile industry was the most flourishing trading sector in Benaras. The Benarasi textile is world famous because of the beauty and fineness of the products. You can avail a wide variety of simple Banarasi sarees online.

    No need to mention, Banarasi sarees are the showstopper of this industry. Known across the world as the brainchild of the Varanasi handlooms, this saree is much more than six yards of cloth. Instead, it is a mesmerising manifesto of culture, traditional heritage and exclusive craftsmanship.

    The name Banarasi originates from the place of the origin of these sarees that is Varanasi formerly called Benaras, the holy city of India. Banarasi Sarees are one of the most exquisite sarees m

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  5. How Can Kanchipuram Sarees Get You On The Today Show?

    Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram sarees hail from the heart of South India and are the traditional wear for almost every bride in South India. The Kanchipuram Sarees are typically made in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu situated in South India.

    Why Kanchipuram Sarees this Festive season:

    Kanchipuram sarees are mainly known for the authentic quality of the silk used in its preparation. Pure Mulberry silk is used to prepare the Kanchipuram Sarees. The zari borders are indeed a unique attraction of these sarees. Both the body and the pallu of the sarees feature intricately detailed designs. Each Kanchipuram sarees usually features two different shades. The dual tones create an authentically beautiful effect.

    In South India, the Kanchipuram sarees are cons

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  6. Venkatagiri Sarees, The Indigenous Treasures of The South!

    The Venkatagiri Sarees are the timeless classics that are hand-woven to perfection. Every saree lover falls back to these coveted heirlooms for their comfort and bright colours.

    These sarees took off during the rule of Venkatagiri, which dates back to 1700s. The place was called Kali Mili at those times and its famous product was patronised by the Velugoti Dynasty of Nellore. The Venkatagiri sarees were woven for queens, royalty, and zamindaris, back then. However, imbibing of Jamdani design from Bangladesh into the Venkatagiri weave, made if favourite and a household name. These weavers were also honoured by the President of India for transcending this weaving technic.

    The Special Features of Venkatgiri Sarees

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  7. Graceful Gadwal Sarees, The Nine-Yards Elegance Of The South!

    Gadwal Sarees

    The town of Gadwal is situated at the confluence of two rivers, Tungabhadra-Krishna, is not only known for the peaceful co-existence between the states of Telangana and Karnataka but also for heavenly handloom sarees. Amazingly, the Gadwal sarees are sheer delights for saree lovers. And are pre-dominantly popular for their opulent zari work, Kuttu borders, lightweight & easy to maintain the fabric. Along with that, these are cotton-based sarees that present a perfect option nevertheless of the occasion.

     The Unique Features of Gadwal Sarees

    The Gadwal sarees are the handcrafted indigenous treasures of the south. Furthermore, these sarees mainly consist of a

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  8. Brand Mandir…The Weaving Elegance in Nine Yards of Contemporary Hues!

    Brand Mandir, with a humble beginning to the hearts of infinite happy customers, we are an iconic brand for ethnic fashionistas, housing an immaculate range of breathtakingly beautiful sarees, where each weave is a simplistic sophistication and centuries worth tradition.

    Perceived as a contemporary brand in twin cities, as we impart unprecedented poise to our weaving wonders. Furthermore, From the day of our inception in the year 2011 with our first showroom at Banjara Hills, we have inaugurated the second one at Jubilee Hills in a short time, as we were perceptive of our customers wishes. And still on the mission of counting more, sooner or later.

    Brand Mandir…The Culture and Collection Beyond Times

    Brand Mandir is an immaculate couture to revel in Indian-ness. And is a sheer delight for saree lovers. However, we house an incredi

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  9. Top 15 Unknown Facts About The Most Luxurious Fabric of India - The Patan Patola’s

    Patan Patola Sarees Online Patan Patola Saree is not only the pride of our country but also the most luxurious and expensive fabric. This is been weaved in the Patan region of Gujarat, in India. Right from 700 families dedicatedly weaving this fabric, the count has now come down to three, that know the art of Patola weaving in our country, out of which few of the families are not ready to teach the art to outsiders, not even to their daughters but to their daughter-in-law’s to maintain the monopoly. which is why this art is dying. Some families are hiring interns to expand this art. Here, in this article let us unleash a few of the mind-blowing facts about the Patola sarees.

    • It is said that the colours of the Patola saree don’t fade off for aro
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  10. The Story of Captivating Pochampally Ikkat Sarees

    Ikkat Sarees OnlineThe effortless six yards praises every Indian woman in an obtrusive way. We have seen fashion enthusiasts and traditional wearers embrace the elegance of Pochampally Ikkat sarees, making it a timeless, iconic, and contemporary must-have.

    How Ikkat Sarees became Famous

    In a small town called Bhodhan in Telangana, a group of weavers started weaving silk sarees on the Ikkat weaving machine. It became famous during the 1800s, as it was one of the most traded goods on the silk route. It is one of the world heritages sites by UNESCO; this recognition made the 

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